Say goodbye to leading the best fraternity.

—Aaron to Craeg and Lodi
Aaron Arge
Physical Description

Sawfly (Arge Pagana Stephensii)




18 (S1)

Biographical Information

5'10 (177.8 cm)

Professional Status

True Neutral

  • Student (S1, S2)
  • Fraternity President
Personal Status



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Aaron Arge is the president of ΣΙΓ and is a sawfly (Arge pagana stephensii). He first appears in Season One of Insects and Arachnids and is shown to be an aspiring sportsman, striving to lead his fraternity to victory and managing to get them through any trials and tribulations that may befall them, whilst also maintaining a rivalry with fellow fraternity president Lodi Diabolica.

Background Information


Aaron is portrayed as a confident student, taking pride in his sporting ability and leadership skills. His attitude to sport and the way he approaches it is with aplomb, being assured that, even in the toughest of challenges, he and his team will be able to make it through.

As opposed to ΒΣΤ, Aaron is more accepting of those who show interest in sport, inviting André and Skeeto to join ΣΙΓ for upcoming sporting events and even Sports Day itself (Sports Day). He isn't really fussed when it comes to this, and is willing to bypass certain factors such as species and certain skills if it will mean having a better chance of winning and a more enjoyable experience.

Aaron's pride is mostly shown at the time of his fraternity winning contests, as opposed to characters such as Lodi Diabolica who takes a more arrogant approach and plasters his trophies and medals where other people will notice them. Aaron does like to show off his winnings occasionally and or remind his peers of his triumphs, but takes the feeling of winning itself as something really fulfilling and determination inducing rather than being too overweening. Aaron likes to think that others are aware of his skill without the need of showing off his awards to prove it, but usually does tend to end up showing them off anyway (albeit in a different way to Lodi). Aaron expects his supporters and other students for that matter to know of his talents, getting confused and slightly irritated if they do not or when they do not notice something.

Even if not as abrasive as Javier or as aggressive as the cousins, he is far from perfect, as he is indeed shown to laugh and or comment on other's failures and even resort to cheating if it means he will claim victory. He likes to think his team can handle everything, but when they can't, he is not above enticing them into playing dirty. He is also shown to enjoy the attention he receives from fans, using them to look popular, their presence fuelling his egomania, showing them off whenever possible.


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