André and Ladybug
Characters André Roveston and Ladybug
Names Landré

'Spur of Jealousy'

Status Dates (The Dance)

Relationship (Following events of The Dance)

Friends (Aftermath)

Episodes 'Breaktime', 'Cliques', 'The Dance'
Alignment Neutral
"I really don't know if I should go to the dance. I mean, I have no date, and like, I need a date, if you get me. But, I want a cute date. Because, you know cute people are the best to hang out with." 
"Well, I'm surprised you haven't been swarmed by a ton of guys yet, if you get me. You're more than likely the cutest girl here."- André and Ladybug

This page focuses on the relationship between André Roveston and Ladybug. It is usually referred to as Landré (Ladybug and André) or 'Spur of Jealousy', due to the fact that it provokes such a reaction in other characters.

Relationship Overview Edit

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Aftermath Edit

Following the events of André and Skeeto's supposed death, Lady had seemingly transferred her affection to that of Will Davies.

When the battle finally came to an end, André noticed the female in embrace with Will, whereupon his disappointed expression changed into that of a smirk, thus indicating his newly found support for the both of them.