Characters André Roveston and Lebah Miele
Names Anbah

'Bullying with cliques.'

Status Unknown
Episodes Unknown
Alignment Neutral

The André-Lebah relationship, more commonly known as Anbah (André and Lebah) or 'Bullying with Cliques', is the relationship between André Roveston and Lebah Miele.

Overview. Edit

André is a brief bully towards Lebah during the school case along with Skeeto due to their cliques, this attitude continuing when Lebah becomes a more regular part of the team's operation. However, it is shown that André seems to care for Lebah at some points, yet this is probably because he is a friend of Pierre's and doesn't want to see the butterfly sad. André also gets jealous at the fact Pierre seems to defend Lebah, sometimes causing him to do it more to annoy Pierre, but also causing him to stop and just shoot a glare at the honeybee...

Lebah views André as someone who is obviously just jealous of him. He doesn't like to think about the bullying too much, and tries to make himself better in terms of how he acts. Otherwise, the Bee will usually tend to avoid the beetle in any way possible. Usually giving information to someone he trusts, like Will or Pierre.

Bullying Edit

Once André drifted into his clique, he began to treat Lebah in a way that the bee and most others classified as bullying. André apparently did not seem to realise what he was doing, yet, when he did, he was seemingly proud of it. Being able to rule a school was obviously fun or André as he had never had a chance to take lead on many things, and Skeeto's influence didn't help. He often mocks the bee for his knowledge, intimidating him into spilling private information about other members of the team or when he just wants to know something. André is shown to pick on Lebah a lot, this becoming definable as bullying towards the bee rather than what he does to other members of the team.