Characters The Boss & Ernest Dugwin
Names Bernest
'Notice me kill, Senpai'
Status Unknown
Episodes Unknown
Alignment Evil
"I don' understand, I've given my life up for this gang and he thinks he can jus' ignore me? He treats you lot better than he does me even though I was the..the best person to him in this ruddy gang!"- Ernest

The Boss-Ernest Relationship, more commonly known as Bernest or 'Notice me kill, Senpai', is the relationship between The Boss and Ernest of the Black Beetles.


Ernest makes it very clear throughout many times that he is willing to do practically anything for the boss and accordingly thinks of himself as his 'Right Hand man'. The Boss tends to let Ernest think this way, rarely but sometimes giving him praise on his actions. However, this is mainly because of The Boss saving Ernest's life, making the young beetle believe that to repay him, he must give his very being the the Goliath beetle. It becomes very obvious that The Boss is mainly using him while the other seems in love and devoted. The two of them having a psychopathic and dangerous relationship.

It's only in the later seasons when it goes too far. Ernest's obsession is taken too far for the boss, and it is reported acts of a sexual nature begin happening. Including other members of the Black Beetles. These 'acts' are finally uncovered as Ernest's 'reward' for murder. It is shown that the Boss makes Ernest kill, ultimately making sure the younger beetle will be framed and arrested for it while the younger males obsession makes him completely oblivious for it.