Characters Chrys Perla & Marlee Libell
Names Chryslee

The gang members dance partner.

Status Dates


Episodes Cliques, The Dance
Alignment Neutral
"I do care about him. Does that answer why I said yes?" - Marlee about Chrys passing her the note to ask her out. 

The Chrys-Marlee Relationship, also known as 'Chryslee' or 'The gang members dance partner', is the relationship between Chrys Perla and Marlee Libell.

Overview Edit

According to many people in the school, Marlee and Chrys have always been very close since Infant school. Neither of them are afraid to go talk to each other in school or go to each other when having to pick partners. Chrys is the only boy who isnt reffered too as a dick by Marlee.

In Cliques, Marlee admits to Pierre that she had recieved a note from Chrys asking her to the dance. However it is only when Lady and Lexi admit about their dates and tell everyone about who everyone else is going that she finally gives her definite answer of yes. The two of them agreeing on a simple form of transport and not really worrying about their fashion to the dance.

When the dance finally happens, Marlee is seen alone half way through. She states that she made him choose between dancing with her and his deal for his gang. The male choosing the latter. However, he apparently kisses her and says 'when she needs someone, he'll be the one to go and save her and take her under his wing again.' In which she laughs at that statement. Going to her I don't need men attitude.