Cyn and Flash
Characters Cynthia Agrius and Lash Populi.
Names Lashthia

The beginnings of a classy gang.

Status Friends
Episodes Unknown
Alignment Neutral.

The Cyn-Flash Relationship, more commonly known as Lashfia or 'The beginning of a classy gang', is the relationship between Cynthia Agrius and Lash Populi. The two original members of The Hawkmoths.

Overview. Edit

When seen in season 1, the two of them are seen to be pretty close. Flash is pretty protective of her while she is around the trio. It is noted that she is sitting on the right of him at the table during the night out. By the end of the episode, it is seen that she is holding onto his arm as the gang watch the trio leave.

In season 2, Pierre asks Flash if it's Cyn who he loves. The male admits that they used to go out when they were younger. But now she was only a younger sister sort of figure, he was fond of her. But there was someone else. It is seen during the battle that he tells her to stay near him.