Characters Dakota and Pierre Swallowtail.
Names Pierota

'Siblings do it better'

Status Siblings
Episodes Unknown
Alignment Good
"He's my brother, hurt him and I'll kill you." 
- Dakota.

The Dakota-Pierre relationship, more commonly known as Pierota or 'Siblings do it better', is the relationship between Pierre and Dakota Swallowtail.



Dakota and Pierre in Season one.

Compared to most sibling relationships, Pierre and Dakota are very close. As children, they never seemed to fight that much and apparenlty got on with each other a lot better than any others used to in their neighborhood. They don't find it weird however, and choose to get along whatever anyone else tries to make out.

Dakota is the one person that Pierre confides in over any situation, he feels like he can tell her practically anything and in return, she can too. The two of them keep to a great trust. The two of them seem to pick each others sides over everyone else and it is overall perceived that Dakota and Pierre know things no one else know about each other.



At a party.


With Channing

With Channing.