You either say please or you make me.

Ernest Dugwin
  • Eggsy
  • Egghead
  • Erno
Physical Description

Southern Lyctus Beetle (Lyctus planicollis)




19 (S1)

Biographical Information

5'8 (172.72 cm)

Professional Status

Neutral Evil

  • Gang Member
Personal Status



"Party Crasher"

Ernest 'Erno' Dugwin is an Southern lyctus beetle (Lyctus planicollis) and a member of The Black Beetles, he thinks that he is the closest to The Boss but tends to be different around the rest of the group.

Background Information

Being an only child in a very rich family meant that Ernest had one of the best childhoods out of the members of The Black Beetles. Born and raised in Uptown, he was made to have the same style and outlook to life as Pierre. For a while, he did.

When starting at Uptown High, Ernestwas treated with the same respect that all the other students were. Admittedly, he had no real friends and would usually cover it up with excuses and still got past it very easy.

Unfortunately, it was in his third year when it all began. At that time, many of the students began to look to look at the world out of the safe haven of Uptown and one of the main things that came up was gangs. Many students had information about how the new generation of new recruits in lower class cities and began to joke about who would betray the Upper class by joining them. Many students were picked, including Ernest, but many chose to ignore it and not react. Everyone thought the trend would die out. 

But they were wrong.

It continued for years, many students joked and assumed he'd be the next member to go and join The Black Beetles. That meant no one really hung out with him. People in Uptown were always cautious around Ernest because they didn't know. No one knew anymore. Most students were going missing and many parents had told their children to be cautious around everyone. Even Ernests.

But during a rainy day in Ernests last year. A Goliath Beetle came, noticing what had happened to the young boy during those years and, feeling sympathetic, he told Ernest all about The Black Beetles. Finally making one offer to the teen. Kill or be killed, the Southern Lyctus Beetle taking it as a break for his life and chose the first option. Knowing his life would change.

It was a very quiet night when he chose who to murder. The boy and the girl of a trio. Both being played by their leader. It was a quick kill, and all Ernest done was stab. The alleyway right by the school being covered in Blood. Ernest put them out of their misery. He told them the truth and it seemed all they  wanted was to die and he gave them the option.