Characters Lebah Miele and Pierre Swallowtail
Names Lebrre

'Learning about the butterflies and the bees.'

Status Friends
Episodes Unknown
Alignment Good.
"Look, I don't ask just anyone to be a part of my new team, especially what happened with the last two." 
- Pierre to Lebah, Season 2.

The Lebah-Pierre relationship, also known as Lebrre or 'Learning about the butterflies and the bees', is the relationship between Lebah Miele and Pierre Swallowtail.

History. Edit

Pierre and Lebah started out as acquaintances. They never tried to get in each others ways and kept to their cliques. This pattern stopped, however, when André and Skeeto started to bully Lebah. Due to his intelligence, Lebah started to notice the patterns. The fact that ever locker he was shoved into, the butterfly seemed to be nearby and whenever his lunch was spilt over him, Pierre seemed to be always nearby to offer at least a tissue when his friends were around. That was until Lebah noticed the pieces of paper.

Lebah put two and two together, and was the first to find out about the trios secret identity, following André and Skeeto to the butterflies house. He found out all he needed to know. Unfortunately he busted his cover and out of the three of them, Pierre seemed the less annoyed. After the case was solved, he was offfered a role by the Butterfly. Much to the disgust of the others. However, the bee responds with the fact that he probably has to think about it. Coming back to the butterflys house in episode 25 and getting involved in the shooting.

Overall Relationship Edit

Out of everyone in the main gang, Lebah gets along with Pierre the best. They have a very good relationship and it is seen that the two of them enjoy each others presence. Pierre stands up and defends Lebah whenever he can, even if it's just a sarcastic comment stated in the others way. Lebah is often grateful for this, and will usually give all the information to Pierre first. Much to the Butterflies delight. It is known that Lebah will usually try to give good facts for Pierre to stand up for himself at points and it is noted that the two of them have gone out with the others.

During season 2, when Lebah becomes a replacement along with Will, it is noted that a strain is put on this relationship. As Pierre becomes more agitated and annoyed and all the terms and conditions he has to follow. It is noted that he ends up bickering even more. Even leading to the butterfly threatening to expose everything him and Will have done illegally. However, unlike Will, Lebah is the one to confront Pierre about him actually missing the other two and the two of them have a long and heartwarming conversation about it. Drawing eachother close.