'Lotto' Acherontia
First Appearance
Episode Three Is A Crowd
Biographical Information
Age 18
Relatives Atro Acherontia (mother)

Lach Acherontia (father)

Alias Unknown
Species Death's-head Hawkmoth (Acheronta Styx)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5'5
Alignment True Neutral
Affiliation Acherontia Family
Occupation Barmaid
Friends Clarrie Oto
Enemies Lebah Miele (mostly)

'Lotto' Acherontia is a Death's-head Hawkmoth (specifically an Acherontia styx) and the child of Atro and Lach. She is a barmaid for the local bar alongside Clarrie Oto and a rookie honey robber, mostly stealing from Lebah which is the reason for their rivalry. She also attends Nectotech School and is in the top year.

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When around people she knows, Lotto is loud, and sometimes a bit of a braggart. She will not keep things to herself, even if they are deemed as private or uncomfortable to others. She talks freely about most things, even if others do not want to hear it or lack interest, usually causing customers to get annoyed when waiting to be served. She is also fairly foul-mouthed, making sexual or similar themed jokes with friends, particularly with Skeeto and Clarrie. She is also rude to Lebah, solely for the purpose of preventing her theft. Lotto tends to hold grudges, usually with regular customers by refusing to serve them and or making it difficult so Clarrie sometimes has to interfere. Her grudges can last for a long time if said person is not a friend of hers.

Apart from her usual distastes, Lotto is a person that, once befriended, listens to other people's problems and tries to give the best advice she can in their times of distress. Her attitude around her friends is a well-disposed one, behaving in a way that shows interest in other people's likes and dislikes, even if she strongly disagrees. This doesn't mean that Lotto is all good though, as she will usually complain later on. She is additionally cunning and desperate to live up to her parents standards in terms of honey-robbing, using Lebah's family as a target.

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