Characters Pierre Swallowtail and Marcthus Ceris
Names Pierthus

'Prettyboys got a type'

Status Unknown
Episodes Unknown
Alignment Neutral.
"You are such a pretty d*ckhead."  

"Well, pretty d*ckheads are your type, and you did date me.~" 
- Pierre and Marc, "The origins of Swallowtail." 

The Pierre-Marcthus relationship, usually referred to as 'Pierthus' or 'Prettyboy has a type', is the relationship between Pierre Swallowtail and Marcthus Ceris.


Pierre and Marc both grew up in Uptown. By what is said from Pierre, they originally didn't have a friendship at all. The two of them met when Marc moved into Pierre's class,both of them having to work together on some sort of project. Pierre became attracted by Marc's attitude while the other found him 'A person he wanted to get to know more'. It took them a year to actually work up the courage and go out.

They were in a relationship for two years. The both of them recall moments such as their first kiss, a dance of some sort and random nights. However, a few weeks into the third year of their relationship. The two of them began to realise that their love was strictly platonic. Neither of them were getting what they wanted from the relationship and ended it on good terms. Both of them still kept to a good friendship, and it is known that Marc was the first to know about Pierre moving and Pierre is the first to know how Marc has joined a gang. The two of them seemingly getting into two different lifestyles again.


When Pierre comes back to Uptown, the two of them seem to be in the same upbeat terms as from when he had left. The two of them make general flirtatious comments to each other and keep pretty close. Pierre lets Marc take him on a night out with his gang, The Hawkmoths. By doing this, Pierre can't help but enjoy the way they act. Neglecting his duty of solving a case for this gang and his old life. It's only when it's suggested that the real culprits of this crime are said gang that Pierre turns much more serious about the situation. Part of him feels like it's his duty to Marc to prove everyone wrong, not wanting to know his ex boyfriend is in jail. He admittedly gets in arguments with André and Skeeto about it. When the case is over, we see the two of them hugging and Marc whispering 'go for it' into Pierre's ear while the butterfly smiles. It is unknown for what the other is implying, but pretty obvious to Pierre.