The Black Beetles are a criminal gang situated over different parts of the city. As their name suggests, members are of beetle descent. The line-up of the main gang rarely changes, usually doing so only if members leave/stop living/are abandoned by the rest of the team. Their meeting place or 'hideout' is The Shelter. It is also evident that the main line-up are not the only members of the group and it has been made clear that The Black Beetles are much more than a gang, in fact more-so a criminal syndicate.

The gang assign different roles to members that they often trail out of. André's tendency to thieve when he was younger serves as use to the gang, as he is the member who commits theft most in the group. As well as this, The Boss tends to be the only one who kills without remorse, yet Noir and Violet also do not show it when the situation is best for them.

Members Edit

Members, current and former
Name Rank Role Status
The Boss Boss Leader, killer
Eggsy Member Active
Ciara Grounds Member Active
Violet Oiller Member Killer Active
Noir Oiller Member Killer Active
André Roveston Member Thief Spasmodic; Left to join Pierre at the criminal department; Infiltrator