The School Dance or The Dance is a tradition of Nectotech school and is a formal dance held in summer of every school year. It is similar to prom, and students are able to bring a dance partner or go with their friends.

The Case

Dance Partners

Original (in time order)
Characters Source Status
Craeg Paradoxa and Tia Vapour Craeg asks Tia beforehand Date
Courtney Pulchellum and Lodi Diabolica Lodi asks Courtney beforehand Date
Lebah Miele, ___ and ___ Agreement beforehand Friends
Rhys Basalis and Diamond Agreement beforehand Friends
Chrys Perla and Marlee Libell Chrys asks Marlee through note Date
André Roveston and Ladybug André asks Lady beforehand Date
Skeeto and Lexi-Mai Mutual ask beforehand Date
Alexis Psyche and Gerard Dae Gerard asks Alexis beforehand Date
Jonty Photuris, Jude and Jordan Agreement beforehand Fraternity members
Aaron Arge, Jack Vespula, Dominic Lisman and Javier Avispón Agreement beforehand Fraternity members
Pierre Swallowtail and Will Davies Agreement beforehand Friends
Tabitha Anidae and Sebastian Sebastian asks Tabitha beforehand Date
Clarrie Oto and Lotto Acherontia Agreement beforehand BST Friends
Characters Source Status
Pierre Swallowtail and Will Davies Discussion Friends with benefits
André Roveston and Ladybug Dates Relationship
Skeeto and Lexi-Mai
Craeg Paradoxa and Lodi Diabolica