Vital statistics
Type Upper section of the city
Level Ground
Location To the north
Inhabitants The Swallowtail family, The Hawkmoths.

Uptown is the most affluent town of Lepidoptera. It is a well known town located to the north of ___. Its name is seemingly gained from the higher-class residents who live there.


Places located in Uptown
Name Type Residents
Pierre's home (you can name it ;D) Living establishment Swallowtail Family
Mississippi Funk Hangout The Hawkmoths
Reject's mansion Estate The Rejects
Scarabs Bar Customers and employees


Uptown is a very large city. Containing high, extravagant buildings mixed with small, antique towns. The city is divided into sections however, as the city stays away from the village.

Everything you see in Uptown is either large or extravagantly decorated. Showing the upperclasses pride in what they live and prevail in. It is a very lively town, however, only in a few or so sections. Other sections are very quiet, holding small shops such as bakery's and hand knitted clothes. There is no poverty in Uptown because the city tries to shut it out, sending the homeless away whenever they can. The city is very clean, but as of late, more Graffiti has been showing up. Represented in a posh way and in places that aren't really seen.

Residents & History


Pierre and Dakota in Uptown.

Compared to the other parts of _____, Uptown only has one gang who are referred to as The Hawkmoths. Compared to other gangs, they act in minor crime and are not looked down upon too much, only to some residents. All six of the gang members have a reasonable income and by law, have to be accepted in.

However, in the episode 'The Origins of Swallowtail', it is noted that Pierre finds the city 'too clean to live in', moving out of it when he was 17. The Butterfly and his family had grown up in the city, giving him the best opportunity. Pierre surprisingly finds Uptown more of an Holiday place, disliking the upperclass attitude to some things and the awkwardness of it not feeling like a home.